For most of our clients, it is. Now Imagine your home when it’s windy and raining, and temperatures plunge into the 30’s. Water begins to pool and enter your tent and there is no way to avoid it.

This is when most of our clients abandon their encampment to seek warmth and shelter.  It was a night like this when Lisa, our director of operations, was closing up. She found one of our clients sleeping outside. He had no money for public transportation, and the closest shelter was four miles away.

She was driving our mobile repair van that night, and along with one of our volunteers- offered him a ride. Upon arrival, they learned the shelter was at capacity- they would have to try the next closest church, another three miles to the south…and when they arrived, it was full.

Luckily, another four miles away, an empty bed was available and our friend would escape the harsh weather, for that night at least.

I’d like to ask us all to take a moment and reflect on of the security that reliable transportation provides us. We don’t have to worry about transporting groceries or running everyday errands. We don’t have to worry about getting to work or school and back. Without transportation, access to that third shelter, would have never been possible. Chances are, most aren’t going to receive a ride from a kind stranger. This is where a bike can change a life. Your support has provided over 10,000 bikes to your unhoused neighbors in need of transportation. For that, we thank you.

For almost all of our clients, the cost of owning a car is out of reach. Three times faster than walking, a bike is the only other form of truly independent transportation. A bike costs less than two dollars a day to own and operate, as compared to $40 per day for owning and operating an automobile.


Average age of our clients: 49 years
89% of our clients are homeless
13% are veterans, Less than 15% are employed
89% say a bike is their primary transportation
51% earn money recycling, of those 90% use their bike
75% use their bicycle to carry groceries.