Thank for partnering with Good Karma Bikes. 

We really value our partners and want to provide the best for (y)our client.  Tracking Outcomes is crucial for Good Karma’s continuous improvement.  Therefore, we have a two-minute survey for each client’s advocate to fill out.

Client anonymity is important.  We only need a client’s first name.  We will not require any further identification.

Here’s how this works.

What you, the advocate, does:

  1. Click the link below to be redirected to our two minute survey.
  2. When you are finished, enter the passphrase we gave you to submit the survey.
  3. A free bike voucher will be emailed to you from Good Karma Bikes. Print the voucher and give it to your client. Please be patient, we are matching your clients needs to the bikes we have in stock. Please expect up to a week delay.

What the client does:

  1. Your client brings the voucher to our store at 82 South Montgomery Street, San Jose, CA 95110.  We are a one-minute walk from VTA light rail: Green Line. (San Fernando stop) and a one minute walk from the Diridon Transit Hub (Caltrain)
  2. The client surrenders the voucher to us when we provide them with a bicycle.

That’s it.

One more thing.  Each Saturday, we host free repair clinics at our store.  Clinic intake starts at 10:00AM.  Your client is welcome.  Demand is high; space is limited; we operate first-come, first-served.  Consider this a warranty of sorts.