The Gardner Number

My sincere apologies to anyone who has thought of this before me.  If I am not the first, we shall certainly adopt your name instead of mine.

I was inspired by Sir Arthur Eddington.  Among so many contributions to astrophysics, Eddington conducted the experiment that proved Einstein’s theory of general relativity.  Eddington was also a cyclist and invented the Eddington cycling number.

You attain an Eddington cycling number, E, when you cycle E-miles, E number of times.  Eddington had a lifetime E of 87.

The Gardner number , is attained when you have been consecutively-car-free -days for car-free-sequences.  -days car-free for -times.

You may have an annual and a lifetime .  As I started in 2022, I will have a short run.  Note the maximum for any year is 19 because 192 is 361.

I hope this motivates you to participate in active transportation.

– Jim