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At Good Karma Bikes, we empower people and build community through bikes.
Looking to purchase or service a bike? Donate a bike? Volunteer? You’ve come to the right place.
Your support of our community bike shop helps those who need it the most. 



Good Karma Bikes is a full-service, second-hand bike shop open to the public. We have been voted Silicon Valley’s Best Bike Shop eight years in a row. We pride ourselves on service quality second to none. We have the best prices in town – in fact, our prices are about in the 50th percentile in the United States. We are also a non-profit. Each year, thousands of bicycles come to us through donation and impound. Half are sold in our bike thrift shop, even more are refurbished by our volunteers and granted to those in-need. Our clients are primarily homeless in recovery, veterans, low-wage workers, and low-income families.


We provide safe and reliable bicycle transportation, repair services, and training through Park Tool School. The free affinity programs that we offer provide a  safe space to learn basic bike repair at your own pace and emphasize inclusion, access, and community. They also feed our larger volunteer program. Our mobile repair clinics serve the community at large city-scale events and provide free service to those in need through partnerships. Our partnerships span from government elected officials to NGO’s and corporate and city sponsored events.


We are a bike shop,  however, our mission isn’t about bikes – it’s about people. Bicycles provide the extraordinary medium through which volunteers work to positively impact others’ lives every day. We are about affordable transportation, health, and wellness. We believe that ever kid should have a bike. That’s why all single-speed, 20″, coaster-brake style kids bikes are free.


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“GKB are the best around–in both bikes and karma–hands down. They’ve granted countless bikes and free repairs to our unhoused clients, and have done so with the accurate understanding that a set of wheels is literally a lifeline for low-income and unhoused people in our region. They are a wholly unique model, and San Jose is extremely lucky to have them.”

Brian Powers, Neighborhood Hands

This is a great non profit with an awesome friendly staff and volunteers. I’m glad they’re still going strong and donating bicycles they fix.

Pedram H.

This place does good work. The people are nice. And they have some very good deal on both new and used bikes. And it’s a good cause!

Edward Y.

We had such a great experience at GKB! Their mission is fantastic, their employees are knowledgeable and friendly, and they have a great selection of new and used bikes. We left with two bikes, and are very happy customers!

Chelsea T.

San Jose is lucky to have this bike shop! Expert, kind, and straightforward service. I brought my old bike here, and they fixed her up nicely. She rides like a brand new bike again and looks great! They also take the time to explain things to you about your bike and answer any of your questions.

Susana R.

This is the best place to get your bike repaired and to look around. I’ve been to all the local shops trying to get my old bike repaired. Always end up with those other shops trying to sell me a new bike. Good Karma understood what I was looking to do and advised me to just keep my bike running. They were faster, cheaper than other places nearby.

Martin H.

Great place to get your bicycle fixed or tuned up. Prices are the most reasonable I have ever seen and the service is excellent. Prices of the actual bicycles for sale are also great especially if you are still a student. Best part is that it’s a non-profit organization so the money you spend will ultimately do some good for someone.

Thomas G.

An amazing organization that is so much more than just a ‘bike shop’ – Good Karma’s commitment and care for helping the community is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. The team is friendly and welcoming, whether you’re an avid biker and know everything there is to know OR you know nothing about bikes (like me), they will help you feel comfortable and answer all your questions. Good Karma, thank you for all you do!

Jessica S.

I donated one of my excess bikes to them because I believe in their mission. The place is really nicely set up, and the prices on some of their bikes for sale are really good.  I found their employees to be nice and very informative.

Russ H.

GREAT service and at an excellent price. My bike had been in storage for several years, and it was a busted, rusted mess. The team at Good Karma went above and beyond by replacing two tires, oiling the chain and giving my “baby” a detailed overall cleaning. Thanks Good Karma … I’m ready to roll.

Valerie A.

Our Sponsors and Community Partners

Good Karma Bikes is a grateful recipient of the love and support from our generous local and global corporate sponsors for their mission-critical donations that are helping us to change lives, one bike at a time.